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Stock Market Update

Host Chuck Price discussed the positive trend of the stock market as well as performance history of the S&P 500, the Dow Jones and NASDAQ.

Annuities: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hosts Chuck Price and Bo Caldwell discuss the pros and cons of annuities. Variable annuities, fixed indexed annuities and fixed annuities are types of annuities discussed in the podcast.

2019 Tax Strategies

Hosts Chuck Price and Bo Caldwell discussed tax strategies that can help financial investors for the 2019 tax year. They also talked about why a Roth is an important financial tool.

Basic Retirement Planning

Host Bo Caldwell discussed basic retirement planning including strategies and "safe money" alternatives.


Hosts Chuck Price and Bo Caldwell discuss the importance of having beneficiaries set up on all of your financial accounts. Price and Caldwell also talk about how vital it is to have a healthcare directive.

Financial Planning Tools

Host Chuck Price and Co-Host Bo Caldwell discussed online tools available to clients that will help them with their financial planning for retirement.

Realistic Expectations

Host Chuck Price discussed how clients need to understand expectations when investing money. Price also talked about the importance of understanding what the clients are investing in and the risks involved.

IRA Mistakes and Myths

Host Chuck Price discusses the myths and realities of IRA's. Price also breaks down the top 10 mistakes people make with IRA's.

College Savings Plans

Co-Host Bo Caldwell discussed college savings plans and the different options available which include the 529 Plan, the Coverdale Plan and life insurance.

Insurance Options

Co-Host Bo Caldwell discusses insurance options and the difference between term and permanent insurance. Bo Caldwell also talks about why life insurance is not an investment but protection.

The Process

Host Chuck Price and Co-Host Bo Caldwell discussed the process in picking the right financial advisor to fit your needs. The process includes interviewing financial advisors and checking an advisors background before making a decision.

Tax Advantage Retirement

Chuck Price and Co-Host Bo Caldwell talked about the advantages of participating in employer stock options programs as well as discussed maximizing tax savings in retirement plans.

Investing For Your Future

Co-Host Bo Caldwell discusses how people can get "free" money from their employer as well as talks about the challenges young investors face. The importance of Roth IRA's, Roth 401k's and college savings plans are also discussed.

Estate Planning

Host Chuck Price discusses estate planning and why it's important to have an estate plan set up properly. Chuck also talks about the health care directive and how it plays a critical role in estate planning.

Energizing Your 401k

Hosts Chuck Price and Bo Caldwell discuss why you should invest in a 401k and how it's beneficial to your retirement.

Debt Free is Good

Host Chuck Price discussed the historic performance of the S&P 500 and also the importance of living debt free and how it is beneficial during retirement.

Acting In Your Clients Best Interest

Host Chuck Price welcomed in new co-host Bo Caldwell. Chuck and Bo discussed the difference between fiduciaries and brokers along with the responsibilities a fiduciary has to their clients.

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